Communicating and celebrating diversity to champion community spirit

The Team Leader of my pre-school classroom has a lovely phrase which she has written on a poster in the entrance area of her class and features on one of the tables at the upcoming seminar exhibition:

We celebrate our diversity [but] we all sleep under the same sky.

The special topic for discussion this week has been light festivals worldwide and the children have been exploring the associated stories, eating tea by candlelight (a special event in itself!) and talking about their similarities and differences. I think the beauty of this phrase is that it acknowledges our differences but highlights our fundamental oneness. This sense of belonging as part of the lovely melting pot of the nursery community has been the key tenet of our staff discussions (and seminar presentations!) on what it means to uphold “British Values”. For us, it’s about eradicating isolation and fostering that sense of being part of the whole group, of being valued as individuals and of being “seen” and intrinsically understood.


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