Group Supervision “Many brains are better than one”

Within my setting, I place a huge focus on developing practitioners as individuals; together we explore interests and personal projects, using coaching and solution-focused prompts to help staff progress and grow. But in researching effective CPD systems in August 2017 for a MA module, I came across a super document detailing group supervision practice within Scottish social work teams. It occurred to me that our staff all have their specialisms and areas of expertise – we should pool that wealth of knowledge more frequently than our 4 INSET days a year, we should facilitate solution-focused gatherings or mini forums on a regular basis. So, in addition to our staff’s normal 1:1s we are piloting group supervisions (6 groups of up to 5 practitioners – a small enough group to share their own challenges and offer their ideas, and not so many that more than one practitioner is absent from a classroom at a time) from December 2017.

Watch this space as the idea is developed!


About Kate Oakley
Nursery head, postgraduate student and researcher from the East of England.

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