Book Review: Early Childhood and Neuroscience – Mine Conkbayir

Even the foreword is interesting (delivered courtesy of Prof. Colewyn Trevarthen) and serves to give positionality and purpose to Mine’s writing and research context.

In particular, the stance of critical analysis before applying research findings to new contexts or generalising specific findings is super. Thinking critically is something I encourage my staff to do when we explore new ideas or set out to puzzle a problem. It was also the focus of my first topic in the initial phase of Early Years Seminars.

The sequence of chapters serves to build a foundation of knowledge before exploring the contemporary issues that relate to the existing literature and early childhood education and care practices.

I enjoyed this text so much that I sought to connect with Mine on LinkedIn to tell her the impact it has had; I chose one of its chapters as a set reading (from a choice of five) for our first set of group supervision meetings. Staff have given similarly good feedback, linking it to Solihull training (neuroscientific element) and their own practice (hooray!).


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