Lockdown CPD: Panorama (BBC iPlayer)

Panorama is known for often hard-hitting documentaries on current affairs topics. Several of the available documentaries will link to the Prevent Duty, modern slavery, the politics of education funding, child protection (and serious case reviews) and issues of equality. If you are self-isolating or working from home, these provide some interesting discussion starters!

Episode topics include:

  • Knives in the Classroom – Chanell Wallace, whose brother was stabbed to death when she was just 11, meets young people growing up in communities where carrying a knife is normal. She sees how violence from knife crime is turning lives upside down and spends time in a school and college to see the impact of knives on the classroom.
  • Inside the School Cuts CrisisPanorama asks if we have reached a crisis point in education funding. The film follows staff and pupils at North Denes Primary in Great Yarmouth through a challenging summer term. To balance the books, the headteacher has to lose almost a fifth of her staff and cut services which help families in the wider community. Boris Johnson has pledged to boost school funding – but will it be enough, and will the extra money go to the schools that need it most?
  • The Hunt for Britain’s Slave GangsThousands of people across Britain are being forced into human slavery by ruthless gangs. This Panorama special follows West Midlands Police as they bring down the biggest gang that’s ever been caught here. The gang held hundreds of people captive, set them to work, stole their wages, made them eat from skips, wash in canals and threatened to kill them if they tried to escape. The programme hears unique first-hand testimony from slaves who have waived their lifelong right to anonymity so they can tell their stories. It also features exclusive access to the police and legal team who have spent more than four years bringing gang members to justice. [CONTAINS SOME UPSETTING SCENES]
  • Sex Education: The LGBT Debate in Schools – Who should decide what our children learn about sex and relationships? Is it parents or the government? From next year, children as young as five will learn about LGBT relationships in lessons designed to promote greater tolerance in society. But in fact such classes have caused division – with conservative religious groups protesting against lessons they say ignore their belief that being gay is not allowed. 
  • Scandal in the Church of EnglandPanorama investigates cases of child sexual abuse that were ignored for years by senior clergy in the Church of England. Reporter Jane Corbin meets survivors, speaking openly for the first time, and reveals how one diocese allowed abusers to evade justice for decades. She examines how the Church of England failed to investigate evidence it held about scores of people in its ranks and asks whether the Church has now learned the lessons of the past when dealing with more recent allegations of abuse.
Important note: this isn’t an endorsement of any particular views contained within the documentaries – it is simply ‘food for thought’!

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