Food for thought: Brain Matters documentary 🌎 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄πŸ§ 

Why is it that some children thrive while others do not? Is it a matter of genetics, IQ, socioeconomic background or education? Every child deserves to reach their full potential and their early years of life could transform the world.

“A brain has to be built. It comes ready to learn, but it’s not built yet.”

Written and directed by Carlota Nelson and funded by the Genesis Foundation (a not-for-profit institution dedicated to transforming the way Colombian children learn), Brain Matters explores how learning begins way before children go to school and that it’s the experiences children are exposed to that determine their chances for future success. Everyday experiences such as play, relationships, language and nutrition are examined with a scientific approach. The documentary examines how focusing on brain-boosting skills and activities that can provide every child with the opportunity to thrive. Through interviews with researchers, scientists, economists, families and educators, Brain Matters explores the “miracle years”: a critical period of our lives that no one remembers, in a profound new way – emphasising how the first few years are the greatest opportunity we have to give children the best start in life.

Key concepts:

  • Serve and return interactions
  • Impact of love and nurture
  • High quality early childhood education is an investment
  • Parental support is vital in helping parents to break intergenerational cycles
  • Windows of opportunity: critical periods of brain development


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