This blog was originally created as a professional development tool for reflection and networking purposes. It also serves as a consultancy contact point for the commissioning of training or support services.

Kate Oakley

PgDip, EYTS, BA (Hons), FdA

Kate works as a Head of Nursery in the East of England whilst studying a MA in Early Childhood Education in Sheffield and studying modules from the University of Derby’s MSc in Psychology. Her current research interests include systemic leadership, attachment, neuroscience and communication (including the use of VIG). She is currently delivering Phase 1 of a new programme Early Years Seminars in Norwich and developing an outreach programme with local businesses and organisations within her local community for the benefit of her students, alongside championing “home-grown experts” as part of the continuous professional development programme for the whole staff body.

(Twitter: @newtonoakley     LinkedIn: Kate Oakley)


Leonora Oakley (Guest Author)

BA (Hons), EYPS, PGCE (Primary)

Leonora is an Early Years Professional with QTS, who teaches Reception and Year 1 in Norfolk. Leonora has experience in leading a successful early years setting and has enjoyed the fresh challenge of teaching as a FS/KS1 teacher since 2011. If you are a budding PGCE student or potential EYTS candidate and have any questions about the courses, please feel free to contact Leonora via the blog e-mail.

All opinions expressed in this blog are those of the respective authors, and do not reflect in any way those of the institutions to which they are affiliated.


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