Early Years Seminar – 8th January 2018

The exhibition space for this seminar was developed and set up by our infant classroom practitioner R1 who is our messy and sensory play aficionado.


Early Years Seminar – 7th November 2017

The superb exhibition space developed and set up by our Owl Class Team Leader J, focusing on exploring, investigating and understanding the wonderful world around us.

Early Years Seminars – Phase 1

A series of ideas forums for professionals working with children, families & practitioners in the early years sector.

“Early years practitioners are enthusiastic and idea-rich but time-poor. Let’s host a series of events – like mini conferences – where they can access a variety of ideas and researched supporting materials in a limited period of time whilst also gaining vital networking opportunities.”

Woodside One Neighbourhood Nursery are launching a free series of seminars (mini conferences) to meet the professional interests of Norfolk practitioners. These seminars will be free to access and the initial phase (November 2017 – February 2018) content has been informed by a small-scale study of continuous professional development experiences and wishes of serving practitioners. Feedback will be sought at each event to inform future speakers and exhibition spaces. If you have an area of expertise you wish to share or an area you’d like covered, please contact us to discuss a potential presentation!

Best Practice Exhibition – Woodside Community Hub (Norwich)

I was lucky enough to secure a late tour session with the super Sally Thomas to view the latest in the series of best practice spaces she has developed in collaboration with Norfolk County Council’s Early Years Achievement Team.

Training: Excellence in Literacy, Science and Mathematics

Staff training: not INSET – OUTSET!

Something that is well known about me professionally is that I really enjoy planning and leading staff development days. I always have a clear idea of what I want to focus upon and what the professionals I’m working with would benefit from.

Today I arranged for my entire staff team (and students) to visit a “Best Practice” exhibition at the Woodside Community Hub in Norwich (Norfolk) followed by an afternoon at the Mini Scrapbox in Reepham (Broadland) to source and collect resources inspired by their observations and experiences of the exhibition.

The Mini Scrapbox unit in Reepham.

A selection of resources we bought from Mini Scrapbox.

Already one of the practitioners has created ribbon rings for music and movement.

I found some gorgeous, soft green fabric that I’ve placed with some small world animals. Several strips of fabric are nearby for children to direct their own play.