Client Feedback

Each project or training programme includes an evaluation and an opportunity for clients (leaders, staff, participants) to share feedback. Here are some recent evaluation comments from clients talking about their experience in their own words.

“Kate has fantastic knowledge and it has helped us to work better and move forward as a team. We will continue to use ideas from group supervision in our room meetings. We are all working together much better and opening up to each other more. Staff morale has improved! It was also good to be able to say what we feel we need support on which has helped us in our practice.”

Room Leader of Day Nursery (2021)

“Staff have been so positive about the group supervision, especially the bitesize training and well-being section. They’ve even said it’s helped bring them together as a team.”

Registered Person of Full Daycare (2019)

“Kate gives really clear feedback. She really talks you through her thinking and works with you to figure out how to make things better. It’s not just the negatives, she tells you what’s working really well too. That helps because sometimes it feels like you just get the negatives when you’re trying to improve, that’s frustrating and it feels like you’re getting nowhere… But I feel like I’m a better teacher now.”

Coaching participant (2020)

“We were talking about how much we enjoyed the training and how it has helped us to appreciate each other more and to say when we see some really good practice – and to talk about it when it doesn’t go to plan. I’m more confident to coach other staff now.”

Training participant (2020)

“I loved group supervision. Thank you Kate – great handouts to extend our knowledge and practice.”

Deborah Rowling, Room Leader of Day Nursery (2021)

“Content was informative and thought-provoking. I enjoyed the games and group work. Lovely ideas and can’t wait to take these back to my setting. The handouts are particularly useful for this and gave us plenty of ideas for further reading and research.”

Norfolk EY Seminar participant (2017)

[What did you find the most useful or interesting?] “Talking about all the different things that can affect children’s development. Learning about the longterm impact of speech and language issues.”

Early Years Practitioner of Full Daycare (2020)

“Kate was very friendly and supportive with any advice or help that we asked her for. She was able to deliver relevant training to address the issues we had.”

Early Years Practitioner of Full Daycare (2020)

“Lots of excellent work clearly gone in to this exhibition – inspirational! Can really see how it has benefited children’s development in all areas; carefully thought-out and hard work to realise practitioners’ visions. Amazing how personal budgets have made the projects so low-cost and achievable – very impressive.”

Individual Practitioner Projects Programme exhibition attendee (2018)

[Best part] “The opportunity to review case studies and hear about Kate’s experiences and share own with group. Really helped to make link between what policies say and what we actually do.”

Training participant (2020)

[What did you find the most useful or interesting?] “Having the chance to talk through all the stages of learning and have understanding of the theory and research behind them.”

Senior Early Years Practitioner of Day Nursery (2020)

“I popped into the nursery this morning and they are all so positive about the training. They’ve told me it’s really helping to pull them together again. Whatever your magic touch is, I sincerely thank you.

Consultation project client (2020)

“Really liked the 2-way dialogue on transitions, helped to review own practice – will be making changes! It was useful to see (and experience) a wide variety of examples [methods].”

Training participant (2019)

“Great sensory ideas! Thank you for the obvious effort to make it practical and realistic, will be taking back to own setting. Enjoyed test-driving the activities – we had fun!”

Practice Exhibition attendee (2018)

“Kate has a wealth of knowledge which I feel has and will continue to benefit the nursery.”

Manager of Day Nursery (2021)

“The event continues to be well-received and is successful in its mission to provide knowledge, ideas and practice confidence to its delegates. Attendees particularly appreciate the practical elements of talks or activities used to illustrate concepts or points. An external speaker (primary sector) also presented a talk which was well-received (use of phonics in early years, supporting early literacy and easing transition to more formal learning). The professional library was very popular at this event.”

Norfolk EY Seminar formal evaluation (2018)

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