Contact & Consultation

Please use this page or our email ( to contact us.

You can enquire about booking training (set topics or bespoke), coaching or supervision packages (including group supervision projects) or bespoke consultation work. Rates are based on the number of participants and level of pre-work required (e.g. rates for individual coaching are lower than rates for designing and delivering whole setting bespoke training).

If you have already made a booking, please use this link to make your secure payment via PayPal.

All consultation and bespoke training bookings include a free pre-project meeting to design your programme.

Current topics for pre-set training include:

  • Attachment in early years care and education settings
  • Magic mathematics
  • Leuven Scales and Characteristics of Effective Learning
  • Neuroscience in the early years
  • Critical thinking for early years practitioners: no room for fake news
  • Parents as partners: making the most of children’s first educators
  • Scientific thinking for little people: unravelling the world around
  • Speech and language in the early years
  • Every Child A Talker (ECAT): what, why, how
  • Baby babble: foundations for life
  • Home learning approaches (updated for 2020: digital communication and distance learning ideas)
  • Dynamic planning systems: less work, more learning!
  • Outside in and inside out: integrated environments for learning
  • True inclusion: building communities for all (particularly good for supporting children with SEND, EAL, EYPP, LAC status, etc.)
  • Coaching and challenge: grow-your-own experts and personal projects for staff teams

You can also send us your queries about management or early childhood care and education for inclusion as an ‘Ask Kate’ blog post. Questions may be utilised within future blog posts or you may receive a reply via email.

Automated responses may be issued during peak or holiday periods, please be patient.

You could also use it to contact Kate if you are searching for a mentor within the early years field. Kate volunteers to mentor a maximum of 2 practitioners per year. This is to ensure that each practitioner receives quality support and guidance in a timely manner. 2020: KO has made commitments to mentees for 2020-21, please contact to enquire about mentor support in the next autumn term.

Please note that the authors of this blog are duty-bound to report any safeguarding concerns or issues raised during any and all correspondence. Unless noted otherwise, this would be the only cause to breach any assurance of confidentiality.